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Whole Life is a great permanent insurance product if you are looking to diversify away from the stock market or if you are highly risk averse.

Whole Life policies return significantly lower than IUL policies,though they are useful for a variety of clients. A few examples are clients who are highly risk averse, clients who need to diversify away from the stock market, or clients who don't have the financial discipline required to manage an IUL policy. A good example of a potential Whole Life candidate is a consumer who primarily holds his money in CDs. Contact us for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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Term Life is the most affordable life insurance for the average consumer. If Term is what you can afford it is a great option. Families need coverage. Policies start at as little as $10 a month!

Indexed Universal Life

Indexed Universal Life or IUL's are one of the greatest insurance products on the market. Ask us about the numerous benefits that come along with an IUL policy. For starters, the money you pay in belongs to you, not the insurance company.

Premium Financing

Premium Financing is basically an IUL on steroids, it's simply due to the power of compounding interest and leverage. What used to be a tool of the uber wealthy, is now available to $150k earners!

Whole Life

Whole Life policies are the predecessors of IULs. They usually come with a performance guarantee near 2% and their performance usually peaks at 4%. They are useful for the most conservative of society and others.

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